Please read before joining our support channel:

In order to receive support from Team Unlimited you must meet the following pre-requisites:

  1. Be on Ubuntu 32bit version 12.04 or newer -
  2. We only support software downloaded from the Unlimite.IO website - We do NOT support toolkits, one-clicks, or software downloaded from any other location.
  3. Be following directions from our website - We will NOT support directions you found on a forum post or blog somewhere. These other sites steal our work and we will not waste our time fixing their butchering of our instructions.
  4. Be using your original HTC USB cable.
  5. Be using a supported size SD card - 2GB to 16GB ONLY. No larger or smaller.

If you meet the above pre-requisites and would still like assistance from Team Unlimited please click the button below.

Juopunutbear Troubleshooting:

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General Information:

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