If you need help with the tools or instructions listed on this website please join us on our IRC channel. If you already have an IRC client we can be found on the freenode network in #unlimited. If you do not already have an IRC client you can use the web client below. All you need to do is enter a sceen name in the nickname box, enter the captcha and press connect.

Please Note: This support channel is only for support on the tools your find listed on this website. You must already know how to RUU, HTC Dev Unlock & Root - we will not help with this! | Guest nicks not allowed | NO PM'ing without asking, Do NOT ask for ETAs or future plans, NO off-topic convo's, NO LURKING - You will be kicked from #

When you join our support # you will be silenced for the first 2 mins. You must wait to talk until you are voiced by the bot or an OP.

Juopunutbear Troubleshooting:

If you're having problems check these troubleshooting steps.

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