DirtyRacun S-OFF Public Beta

DirtyRacun is the third release from Team Unlimited. It is a tool for gaining (radio) S-OFF and flashing a custom bootloader that supports full write/erase fastboot commands.

DirtyRacun does not provide root access, however with S-OFF this is a simple process of flashing superuser from recovery once you have finished this process.

DirtyRacun comes with NO WARRANTY (express or implied), and NO GUARANTEE OF FITNESS for any particular task. We have made every effort we can to make this a safe process for users however the authors disclaim any liability for damage to your phone or other materials or devices used during this process. The entire risk of running DirtyRacun lies with you, the user. By downloading and/or using any software, video file or text from this website you acknowledge and accept that the authors are not liable for any loss, material or otherwise howsoever caused.

DirtyRacun will permanently unlock NAND flash write protection on all supported devices.


Supported Devices:

DirtyRacun currently supports the following Android phones:

*If you have HTC Evo 4G LTE (Jewel) HBOOT 1.12 you must use DirtyRacun to upgrade your RUU in order to gain S-OFF, LazyPanda is no longer supported.



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Support for DirtyRacun is on IRC channel #unlimited on freenode. If you do not have an IRC client you can use the link below.